Gas Detector

Gas Detector

The experience matured over the years and research continues to perfect a product of the most copied in the market has bring us to develop the Gas Detector, a sensitive detector for all the noxious gas (LPG-Gas soporific – monoxide corbonio).

Quickly detect the presence of gas in the enviroment by alerting with a loud acustic signal.
Gas Detector is equipped with an electronic output controller for block valve of evacuation fan’s, plus a status indicator led’s and one for alarm or fault.

The device is supplied with a cable with 12-volt universal plug for use without installation, but can be mounted on the wall.
The special shape and the innovative design ensure a considerable transit of air inside the device making the gas detection very rapid.

At power a sophisticated microprocessor circuit makes an automatic calibration Taking into account several factors such as environmental temperature and air quality; systematically the circuit makes adjustments if one of these factors is changed, ensuring a high sensitivity without false alarms.

The sensitive sensor is constantly monitored by a special circuit that warns us through the simultaneous flashing of the two leds of a malfunction or failure of the system.

The Gas Detector is prepared for the addition of a second additional sensor (optional) that can increase the radius of action and the sensitivity of the device in larger environments.

These characteristics make the Gas Detector one of the best detectors for Motorhome, Caravan and mobile vehicles on the market.
We can say with reasonable certainty that it is probably the best selling device in Europe.

Tension 12Vdc
Current absorption Standby 100mA
Current absorption at Alarm 180mA
Volume alarm approximately 85dB
Sensitivity approximately 95ppm EEC
Conformity 89/336EEC, 93/68EEC
Connection red = + , black = –

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