AutoLift System, automatic leveling system for motor homes


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The only electromechanical leveling system in Europe, 100% MADE IN ITALY, AutoLift System is the great alternative to expensive and heavy hydraulic actuators.
A sophisticated control unit controls the four legs, that with the high lowering speed added to the considerable thrust force make this product the greatest expression of the products developed and manufactured by Tesa.
Autolift System is a self-leveling system for a mobile vehicles, the kit includes four electric stabilizers with thrust force of 2500 kg for each actuator and extension of 160 mm, pre-wired control unit, internal keyboard and wireless remote control
The actuators are provided in a single version and are adjustable in height during installation to be easily adapted to all types of frame, also the space occupied in the travel position is minimized because the actuators revolve and will repositions completely horizontal, this allows installation even on very low vehicle where it would impossible to mount
any other actuator.

Everything is controlled by an electronic control unit equipped with an automatic leveling system, however, the actuators can also be controlled manually, but always in pairs on all four sides, so as to distribute the thrust force on two points, avoiding any twisting of the vehicle frame .



An internal keyboard allows the complete management of all functions and a synoptic panel provides clear directions on the inclinetion of the vehicle, moreover the main functions are managed with remote control from the outside.
The system is equipped with all the safety devices necessary to avoid an accidental descent of the actuators while moving vehicle.
The control unit is enclosed in a waterproof container and is supplied complete with wirings required for installation.


Dedicated brackets are also available for all frames (FIAT - ALKO - IVECO - MERCEDES - FORD - RENAULT)




Automatic Levelingtastiera e telecomado

Avoid tires ovalisation 

Quick and easy installation

Including everything needed for installation

  • N. 04 - Electric jacks
  • N. 01 - Prewired control unit 
  • N. 01 - Push-botton command panel
  • N. 01 - Remote control
  • N. 04 - Load Washers with positioning rod
  • Installation instructions
  • Thrust force 2500 kg real
  • Static strength 5000 kg
  • Total elongation extension 180 mm
  • Lowering speed 5 mm / sec
  • Absorption max 12A
  • Operating temperature -30°C to 50°C
  • Vertical measures: 300 mm to 420 mm step 10mm
  • Total Kit weight: 50Kg
  • Max extension: 160 mm


Examples of some installations made in our factory

Telaio Iveco

Telaio Ducato X2/50

Telaio Fiat X2/50 Alko

Telaio Mercedes

Telaio Ford

Telaio Ducato 244


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