Sopo Alarm Plus



SopoAlarm plus is the most complete security system for Camper and Caravan on the market today.


This device is able to protect the crew and the vehicle from any attempted burglary, intrusion, robbery with narcotic substances and / or toxic gases. SopoAlarm plus incorporates a sensitive detector narcotic gas and is able to manage one or more wired and wireless intrusion sensors to be placed inside the vehicle and two gas probes for LPG and Co. An electronic microprocessor self-calibration system guarantees maximum sensitivity and leads to a minimum false alarm phenomena. The device can be connected to an additional siren and a GSM dialer that can send messages (SMS) of alarm. The night mode function provides and excludes the internal sensor: in this way you can stay inside the vehicle with the alarm is armed.


The distinctive feature of this device is its ease of use, all the functions are simply configured using a key switch and a button; A series of illuminated LED will give us with clarity all indications on the functioning, moreover The low current consumption allows to have the anti-theft in function for months standstill, without particular problems for charging the battery.


The SopoAlarm plus control unit can be completed with many devices as needed, the sensors can be both type with wire or wireless connection (wireless); In this case, the installation becomes extremely simple and fast.